Terra: Engineering Technology I

Engineering Notebook

Sample Entry:
Click here to download a sample entry for the Engineering Notebook.

Notebook Checks:
Notebook checks will be scheduled throughout the year. Please refer to the calendar for more information regarding Notebook Due Dates.

Grading Components:

The engineering notebook is an individual assignment.

In order to receive any credit for an assignment regarding the Engineering Notebook each individual student must have ALL categories completed.

Entries for Drafting, Solidworks modeling and AutoCAD do not require a sketch as the assignments are sketches.

Cover Page 

The cover and first page should be dedicated to the title: "Engineering Notebook", the student's full name (no nicknames) and the Period the student is in.


Each entry should be dated. 

Entry Number

Each entry should be numbered. 


Each entry should be titled. The title should relate to the actual entry.


List the objective of the assignment. For example: Today's objective is to build the Squarebot model robot. 


Explain the approach that you or your group decided on. If you are building a robot from a kit than simply state your group followed instructions and explain how you divided the work.


List anything that happened in the course of completing the assignment. List any complications your group may have encountered during the assignment. This can be anything from missing parts, not following directions, etc. Also, list anything you may have done differently that sped up the process or made your design better or stand out from the your classmates.


Draw a sketch of what you worked on. This sketch is freehand. It is not subject to the three principle views or isometric designs. You can sketch in any way you like and you may have as many sketches as you like. Not all assignments will require a sketch. Use your best judgement.